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Loret Miller Ruppe Award

The Friends of the Dominican Republic is honored to receive the 2013 Loret Miller Ruppe Award for Outstanding Community Service. This award is presented by the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) to an outstanding member group for a project or projects that promote the Third Goal of Peace Corps or continue to serve host counties, build group spirit and cooperation, and promote service. FDR has continued to serve the Dominican Republic through its financial support of basic needs project through the Community Challenge Fund and by supporting Peace Corps program sectors with program specific resources that benefit volunteers, their Dominican counterparts and their communities. 

The award was presented by Ann Baker on Saturday, June 29th, in Boston  as part of the NPCA's Peace Corps Connect Conference in Boston. Representing FDR is John Epler, coordinator of the FDR Community Challenge Fund and Neil Ross, FDR founder. 

Ruppe, the 10th and the longest serving Peace Corps Director, was a fierce champion for the agency and the Peace Corps community.


Peace Corps recognition of Community Challenge Fund

Peace Corps Honors FDR

Peace Corps honored Friends of the Dominican Republic (FDR) as a long time donor to the Peace Corps Partnership Program (PCPP), which marked it's 50th year. Thank YOU, DR RPCVs and friends, who have supported FDR's Community Challenge and Program Support Funds, which have supported volunteer-led infrastructure projects and Peace Corps Volunteer's work. These funds got to these projects through the PCPP. This recognitions took place October 15, 2014 in Washington DC. Appearing in photo is Melissa Becchi, Peace Corps Partnership Program Officer and John Evans, FDR board member. 


Recognition by Peace Corps Dominican Republic

This plaque was presented to the Friends of the Dominican Republic by Peace Corps Dominican Republic at the 50th Anniversary Celebration in Santo Domingo. The plaque was made in the Dominican Republic out of wood. It reads, "Presented to The Friends of the Dominican Republic, with deep gratitude and appreciation, the Peace Corps DR recognizes the Friends of the DR for its outstanding contributions and support of grassroots projects and Peace Crops Volunteer activities in the DR. The Peace Corps also applauds the Friends of the DR's commitment to promote the Peace Corps Third Goal of "helping Americans gain a greater understanding of the world." The Peace Corps also salutes the Friends of the DR for tis outstanding implementation of the 50h Peace Corps DR Anniversary Conference. The conference afforded returned Volnteers a unique opportunity to Remember, Reconnect, and Recommit to Peace Crops' three goals. February 9, 2012.