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FDR Newsletters

FDR Newsletter

We have posted below pdf copies of the most recent FDR Newsletter, La Voz, going back to 2016. They are categorized by ‘Year’ and then by the ‘month’ published. If you want to receive a copy of an earlier newsletter, you will need to send an email to and ask for the newsletter by month and year and/or give a general time-frame or description of an article in the newsletter you are looking for and we will attempt to find it and send it to you.

Please Note: the copies below, and the ones we can send you, will either be PDF copies or Word documents for older newsletters and for that reason, the “links” shown in blue in the newsletters will not work. We apologize but it is generally the best we can do. If you need assistance, please send a request to



La Voz June 2023



La Voz December 2022

La Voz November 2022

La Voz April 2022

La Voz, Election 2022



La Voz, Election 2021
La Voz, July 2021

La Voz, October 2021

La Voz, November Ask



La Voz, February 2020
La Voz March 2020 Election
La Voz April 2020
La Voz July 2020

La Voz January 2019 Election
La Voz April 2019
La Voz July 2019
La Voz November 2019
La Voz December 2019 Ask

La Voz January 2018
La Voz March 2018
La Voz May 2018 Survey
La Voz June 2018
La Voz October 2018
La Voz November 2018 Ask
La Voz December 2018 Ask

La Voz February 2017
La Voz April 2017
La Voz July 2017
La Voz September 2017
La Voz November 2017 Ask
La Voz December 2017 Election

La Voz January 2016
La Voz April 2016
La Voz June 2016
La Voz September 2016
La Voz September 2016 Survey
La Voz September 2016 Special
La Voz November 2016 Ask
La Voz December 2016 Ask