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Affiliated Organizations


Affiliated organizations

FDR is closely affiliated with other organizations supporting the goals of Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic. They include:

National Peace Corps Association
NPCA is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization supporting returned Peace Corps volunteers and the Peace Corps community through networking and mentoring to help guide former Volunteers through their continued service back home.  FDR has been a proud member and supporter of the NPCA community since our founding in 1998.

Peace Corps' third goal is to help promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans (US citizens).

Why is it important?
When volunteers and friends of the Peace Corps support and engage in third goal activities, they help Americans gain a greater understanding of the world. They foster the spirit of world peace and friendship. They also inspire Americans to be civic minded by example.

Peace Corps service continues long after Volunteers leave their posts. President Kennedy stated that the third goal of the Peace Corps is to "strengthen Americans' understanding about the world and its peoples". Please support the Third Goal by sharing your Peace Corps experience and host country culture at home. Opportunities to support the third goal commitment occur throughout the year and especially during Peace Corps Week in early March.

Friends of the Dominican Republic (FDR) supports Peace Corps’ Third Goal by encouraging our members to participate in the programs of Peace Corps for Returned Volunteers and the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) through their ‘place based’ affiliate organizations that exist to serve returned Volunteers where they live.  We do that because, as a membership organization with members located around the world, it is difficult for FDR to organize Third Goal activities for our members focused on the schools, cultural programs, and civic organizations in their local area.

Fondo Quisqueya
The Fondo Quisqueya Foundation (Fondo Q) is a (501)(c)(3) non-profit that provides low income Dominicans in the Dominican Republic with scholarships and grants for educational and training purposes designed to assist them in bettering their lives and to help them attain personal development, skills, and advancement. Formed in 1987 by former Peace Corps Volunteers and staff who served in the DR, Fondo Q is supported by former volunteers and staff, and other friends of the DR, through donations and in-kind support. FQ has no paid staff.

“The logic of the Peace Corps is that someday we are going to bring it home to America.”  

President John F. Kennedy