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Friends of the Dominican Republic

Friends of the Dominican Republic 2020 Annual Report

Friends of the Dominican Republic (FDR) is a non-profit corporation created to continue supporting Peace Corps' work in the Dominican Republic (DR). We summarize our work quite simply.

We are a "cyber-based" membership organization of former and current Dominican Republic Peace Corps Volunteers, staff, and supporters. Our Members:

  • Raise funds to support the work of current Volunteers in the Dominican Republic,
  • Advance the Third Goal of Peace Corps by sharing out knowledge of the Dominican Republic with other Americans, and,
  • Foster "connectedness" by growing our membership network to provide news and information about Peace Corps DR and encourage participation in and support for their work.

For 2020 we continued working on our strategic goals:

  • Goal 1: Focus on Organizational Sustainability
  • Goal 2: Strengthen Core Programs
  • Goal 3: Increase Membership/Supporter Involvement

FDR's Significant Accomplishments in 2020

  • Among the ten grants awarded by the Community Challenge Fund for a total of $37,468, were six grants for pandemic relief and installation of hygienic handwashing stations to 2 non-governmental organizations in the Dominican Republic.
  • The Program Support Fund provided five grants for a scholarship, youth business development, pandemic relief, and support for the last issue of Aplatanow, the Volunteer publication, for a total of $10,725.
  • The Growth-Professional Development Committee developed and presented six webinars on the pandemic response, applying for work, working for large and small NGOs, Non-Competitive Eligibility for federal employment and applying to graduate school for Evacuated PCVs and RPCVs; and restarted our Mentoring Program for recent RPCVs.
  • The History Committee wrote and published a 20 Year History of Friends of the Dominican Republic that can be found on our website here.
  • The Board determined to continue our Third Goal activities in cooperation with the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) rather than have a separate committee.
  • We published six issues of our electronic newsletter, La Voz, and a special message from Peace Corps-DR Country Director, Jennifer McGowan, bringing members up to date six months after the evacuation of Volunteers from the DR and the COVID19 response in the DR.
  • We began work on the planned transfer of FDR's website from an independent host to the NPCA Silkstart platform for affiliate organizations.
  • Thanks to a generous bequest from deceased DR-RPCV Thomas Powell (Agriculture and Business Development-1990-1992) we created an investment fund to support future Program Support Fund activities.

Previous Annual Reports:

Make a Gift

Please consider aiding development projects in the Dominican Republic.


FDR is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your donation is tax deductible. 


Wondering what to do with your collection of Peace Corps materials?

The Answer is: You can donate them to the Friends of the Dominican Republic (FDR) Section of the Peace Corps Community Archives at American University.

What are the Peace Corps Community Archives?

The Peace Corps Community Archives (PCCA) is a collection of materials that were created and acquired by Peace Corps Volunteers from around the world that are being preserved to support research, create exhibits and provide information for educational and public programs that document the experiences and impact of individual Volunteers that served in the Peace Corps.

How can I donate to the Peace Corps Community Archives?

Just send an email to and ask for the information about how to donate your collection of PC materials to the FDR Section of the PC Community Archives. You will receive the donation materials electronically by return email. Not only will your collection be available for your children, your family, and your heirs, it will be shared with generations of researchers and authors for years to come! 

Opportunities to become involved with Friends of the Dominican Republic (FDR)

In addition to FDR’s two grant programs, FDR offers a variety of services for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and staff members who served in the DR. These include a database of former DR Volunteers and PC staff members ; La Voz, a regular electronic newsletter; assistance with Professional Development-Networking for Volunteers leaving the DR at the end of their service; and opportunities to work on several FDR projects such as the Community Challenge Fund; the DR In-Country Committee/Program Support Fund; Third Goal Program; the Communications-Website-Social Media Committee; the History Committee; the Membership Committee; the Growth Committee; and, the Fundraising Committee. For more information about these projects and committees, contact the

Global Reentry for Peace Corps Volunteers

If you are a Peace Corps Volunteer that returned to the United States because of termination of Peace Corps operations world-wide, here is where you can go to find information and help from the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA) and organizations of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) around the US, that will be willing to help you get re-settled, look for work or find other assistance.
If you are returning from the Dominican Republic, you can contact Friends of the Dominican Republic for help at:
We’re Here for You!

Friends of the Dominican Republic's Statement on George Floyd's Death

We are Friends of the Dominican Republic, an organization of former Peace Corps Volunteers and Staff who served in communities of color and poverty there, and we are appalled by the tragic and preventable death of George Floyd at the hands of four Minneapolis policemen.  This dangerous form of restraint should never be used on any American, no matter their color or position, and police officers that use it should be held accountable for their actions to the full extent of the law.
We fully support the peaceful demonstrations against police violence on people of color and the racial motivations that cause it. This is a time to listen to the protesters, be open to learning from their experiences, which are different from ours, and be prepared to understand where the pain and anguish which causes them to demonstrate, comes from. The fact that unwarranted and deadly force continues to be used during the arrests of people of color at rates that are much greater than during the arrests of white people, is a national shame. As Americans, we need to act strongly to recognize and remove the racial inequities in our society and promote equitable treatment for all Americans, no matter what their background.
Finally, we urge everyone demonstrating to be careful about their health, wear face-masks and try to keep a healthy distance from other protesters, if possible.



We are an affiliate of the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA).

NPCA is the nonprofit alumni network at the center of a vibrant community of over 220,000 people who share the Peace Corps experience. NPCA champions lifelong commitment to Peace Corps ideals by connecting, engaging and promoting its members and affiliate groups as they continue to make a difference in communities in the U.S. and abroad. NPCA is also dedicated to advocating for, contributing to, and supporting the betterment of the Peace Corps. Visit NPCA to learn more