Invitee Match

Were you just invited to the Dominican Republic by Peace Corps?

Invitees usually have a few questions and we have a program to help you. We will connect you with a recently returned Volunteer who can answer your questions about life, food, clothing and society in the DR. We will try to match the specialty of your program and gender and whatever else you request. Volunteers who have utilized this program have exclaimed about how helpful it is.

Invitees to Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic receive basic materials to prepare them for the changes of living and working there.  Peace Corps has manuals for each country which you may have received, or you can click on the link on this page to download the manual.

Find a Mentor - Preparing to leave is easier with someone there to help.
If you are an Invitee, please contact us at:
President AT

Be a Mentor - A little help goes a long way.
If you would like to help an Invitee, please contact us at:
President AT


There are other ways to connect with the Peace Corps Dominican Republic community. Register with Friends of the Dominican Republic and you will receive periodic email newsletters; we also invite your contributions from the field. You can also find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, National Peace Corps Association's PC Connect and on Pinterest.



​Get ready
Shanna Lillis adn Maria Corrao describe AIDS Awareness in the Dominican Republic (video).
Youth and Development Volunteer Rachelle Olden educated teenagers on life skills and AIDS prevention (video).
Colleen Beye speaks of the Brigada Verde project in the Dominican Republic. 
Girls in Las Terrenas speak about Escojo mi Vida project.