Naked marriage is not a way out

Couple of years ago, there was a buzzword called “naked marriage” which was known by most young people in China. “Naked marriage” doesn’t mean you are going to be naked and tie the knot. However, it implies when you are going to get married, you don’t hold a wedding or move to a new flat, and most of time, you don’t even have to buy a wedding jewelry,like the cheap cartier love bracelet or van cleef & arpels jewelry.

van cleef & arpels jewelry wholesale

van cleef & arpels jewelry wholesale

Some people say they love their partner just out of love, pure love. They don’t need to buy any van cleef & arples jewelry replica to show how much they love each other. For those who say things like this, I would say they are too nave. All people have vanity and we are all material, because we are the product of environment.

For my money, all girls have a dreaming wedding–holding her lover’s hand, walking the aisle with him, seeing him wear the cheap cartier love ring for her, being blessed by families and friends. You can’t say girls are material enough to have a soft spot for a wedding which will spend a lot a money. It’s literally one of the most awesome memories of a couple’s.

van cleef & arpels box replica sale for you

van cleef & arpels box replica sale for you

However, I’m not saying a “naked marriage” without any cheap cartier jewelry is totally unacceptable. For a young couple, you could have a “naked marriage” at the very beginning, but later I’m sure if you don’t make it up, you’ll definitely regret. So you can see some people will hold a wedding when they are older, if not, their children will hold it for them, from which you can tell an actual marriage is still wanted by people.

Anyway, that’s what I can say about “naked marriage” and I believe if there’s a way out with fake van cleef & arpels jewelry, people will not choose a “naked marriage”.

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