Simple Rules of Wearing Clover Bracelets

In ancient times, both men and women wore Clover bracelets as symbols of identity, job and marital status. They also believed that Clover bracelet could bring good luck and ward off evil spirits. Nowadays, fewer men wear Clover bracelets and the Clover bracelets chose by women are mainly make of crystal, gold, silver and jade.

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There are some simple rules of wearing Clover bracelets. First of all, not everybody would be a perfect owner of van cleef & arpels clover bracelet. Bracelets are suitable for ladies with good-looking wrists and long and skinny arms. If your wrists and arms are fatty, maybe you should consider other jewelry instead before bracelets expose your weakness.

The quantity of bracelets is not limited; however, if you only wear one Clover bracelet, please choose your left hand. If you wear two bracelets, you can wear one on your both wrists. If you need to wear three of them, please put all of them on your left wrist.

The key of wearing van cleef & arpels bracelet is to make your appearance unbalanced. The quantity and your clothes should be taken into consideration together. If you also wear a ring, then please pay attention to achieve the harmony between your Clover ring and your Clover bracelet in style, material and color.

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Finally, choosing the right size is also necessary. A too small Clover bracelet will make you uncomfortable while one which is too large is easily to fall on the floor. For fragile ones, please be careful when you put them on and please store them in suitable van cleef & arpels box.

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