British royal family’s crown jewelry

British royal family has been the focus of world media attention, both from a political point of view or from the royal family of Cartier jewelry replica to wear it at all times to be concerned about. Especially in recent exchanges between China and Britain is whipped up a storm of jewelry; we not only talk about China first lady to wear jewelry, jewelry flash is to be blind British royal family.

Cartier Love bracelet in pink gold with diamonds

Cartier Love bracelet in pink gold with diamonds

During Chinese leaders to visit the United Kingdom, Princess Kate dressed in a red dress wearing a lotus crown, Cartier jewelry plus body. Queen wear is grand, a full crown and sapphire necklace, also wearing a ribbon. But most luxurious Crown Princess to the Queen is borrowed, then most jewelry collection with Queen Elizabeth II, how many crown?

Modern Sapphire Crown: Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II wearing this modern sapphire crown. When the Queen married in 1947, she got the crown from his father, George VI, where the crown of Queen also brought a lot of times. When Clinton visited the UK, he has worn this section.

St. Edward’s crown: St. Edward’s crown is the crown of the British royal family. It is for the 1661 coronation of Charles II and manufacturing. Crown made of gold and inlaid with 444 precious stones. Initially, to prepare coronation adorned many gems, precious stones are split down later left the base. However, in 1911, those gems are forever embedded in the upper crown.

Van Cleef & arpels Necklace

Van Cleef & arpels Necklace

Imperial crown: originally Queen Victoria’s coronation in 1838 and manufacture, done by Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry Rundelle and Bridge. Crown later became the crown of Queen Elizabeth II, George III in 1937 to re-create, and as Elizabeth II adds some new decor.

George IV crown: The crown dating back to 1820, originally belonged to the Queen Adelaide all. 1820 King George IV for his coronation Code ordered to build, with the batch production of a total of seven diamonds of art, now are kept in the royal family. Crown’s design combines roses, thistles and replica Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry clover, respectively symbolizing England, Scotland and Ireland.

This is just the collection of the Queen of England four crown, she has other crown; each crown is priceless, have far-reaching significance. It is the history of the Queen wearing a crown, he witnessed the development of the UK. Is the supreme fake Cartier jewelry industry.

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