Chinese color used in jewelry

Ancient red, yellow, green, white, black are five parties Stern, red for the first colored. Chinese traditional culture believes that the color corresponding to the element of fire red, gossip from the red hexagram symbol.

China red is the Chinese people’s soul, evolution is still red custom, recorded the mentality of the Chinese people, through generations Chain tech, precipitation, deepen and discarded, the essence of traditional Chinese culture evolved into the background, filled with thick enough of not open accession positive feeling, a symbol of passion, progressive and united national character, is steeped in rich history and culture of the essence of color.

Injection in modern replica van cleef & arpels jewelry “Chinese red” color elements, both classical meaning, there is no lack of fashion sense.Is red, red is the main color of Chinese products, and other colors are mostly carried out through various forms of red backdrop and embellishment, through uniquely designed to heighten the red Chinese national color theme.

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The past two years, the rapid development of jade cheap van cleef & arpels jewelry industry, the sudden emergence of the Cartier jewelry wholesale, and come from behind, the same quality emerald value was doubled trend growth.

In addition to rare emerald reason, the very important reason is that the color of jade. Emerald color, variety, green, purple, red, white and various colors intertwined in one of the “spring”, very beautiful, engaging.

Chinese people believe that the color of emerald green for the best, and often have to spend lots of money to get verdant emerald jewelry. In fact, this is the traditional color of the concept of closely linked, since ancient times, our idea is to bright colors, eye-catching better, but often these colors also have meaning auspicious.

Jade explains rooted in our traditional culture of this jewelry is very easy for people to accept, and loved by the people, our traditional patterns of color are rooted in our country’s unique traditional culture.

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