Friends of the Dominican Republic programs

Friends of the Dominican Republic has three general programs under which all activities fall.

We are a community of current, former and aspiring Peace Corps Volunteers and others who share and interest in the Dominican Republic. This community shares an interest in supporting the success of Peace Corps' mission in the Dominican Republic, maintaining a connection to this culture and people, forming and maintaining a connection with each other, and sharing this culture with Americans, which is Peace Corps' third goal. We accomplish this in a variety of ways and invite you to become a part of this community by registering and becoming a member.

Newsletters and Social Media
Sign up for our newsletter by registering using the link in the upper right corner, like us on Facebook and connect on LinkedIn. Receive and contribute news to the community. Returned volunteers work in every sector all over the county. Don't dismiss these networking resources. In addition to keeping in touch with each other and sharing news abut the DR, we also share information about partner organizations such as Fondo Quisqueya, National Peace Corps Association and local Dominican organizations. 

Membership Database
As a member of FDR and a current or former volunteer, you have access to our database to search for those you have served with and reconnect.

Every five years, Friends of the Dominican Republic along with Fondo Quisqueya sponsor a reunion in the Dominican Republic. It is an opportunity to reconnect with Peace Corps, the Dominican Republic and service. Meet new and old friends and learn about changes in the country and in Peace Corps programming. 

Development Support
We support the development work of of Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic by monetarily supporting volunteer projects. The Community Challenge fund is a matching fund which supports basic needs projects. The Program Support Fund supports sector-wide needs such as equipment that can be used by a particular program sector. We also share information about volunteer projects and needs though our newsletter and social media. 

Sharing the Dominican Culture
This is Peace Corps' third goal, helping Americans understand the people and cultures of other countries. It is one of the three goals that support the mission of Peace Corps to promote world peace and friendship. We hope to provide information and tools to help you learn about the Dominican people and culture or share this information with others. We hope you will join us in the effort.