Friends of the Dominican Republic (FDR) represents the Volunteers, Returned Volunteers, staff members and friends that share an interest in Peace Corps’ Mission in the Dominican Republic. We welcome everyone, but especially the Volunteers and staff connected to Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic

Why become a member?

FDR Programs Support Current Volunteers and Improve the Lives of Dominicans

Through our two successful programs, the Community Challenge Fund and the Program Support Fund, we support current Volunteers by funding their community projects and by supporting Volunteers and Dominicans with funding for training and conferences and by providing other materials and support for Volunteers to achieve their mission.

To Stay Connected or Find Friends from Your Time in Peace Corps

As a registered member of FDR, you can maintain your Peace Corps connections through our database of current and former Volunteers that served in the Dominican Republic and through FDR’s social networking sites, electronic newsletter and organized reunions for different cohorts, groups and RPCV’s and staff.

You Never Stop Caring

For many of us, our Peace Corps experience doesn’t end. You remain connected to your Peace Corps and Dominican friends, you share your experiences and knowledge of the Dominican Republic culture and people with new friends and acquaintances and you support the continuing efforts of Peace Corps to improve the lives of people around the world.
Registered Members are individuals who are serving or have served as a Peace Corps Volunteer or staff member in the Dominican Republic. We do not receive a list of current serving Volunteers or staff, so please register and become part of our community. We also try hard to find all former Volunteers. Registered Members receive our newsletter and other notifications about FDR, Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic and the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA).

Registered Members can help support FDR’s programs and work by paying the minimal dues of $15 per person or $22.50 per couple. Dues paying members also have voting privileges to elect FDR’s Board of Directors and other organizational matters that involve the membership. You must first register to become a paid member online.

To Register, go here:

Then login and go to “Membership Status and Renew Membership” on the “FDR Members” page. The FDR members” page will become visible once you have logged in.

You may pay dues online or you can send a check to:
Mary Britt, Treasurer
Friends of the Dominican Republic
22nd Street, Apt. 3604
Jersey City, NJ 07302

Membership Dues Payment

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FDR attempts to gather the names of Volunteers that serve in the Dominican Republic but Peace Corps will not release the names of “currently serving” Volunteers. However, we do have the names of some cohorts/groups that have served in past years. To see what we have available, go to “Membership” and visit the drop-down page “Returned Volunteers” to see if we have information about your Cohort or Group. As a Registered Member, you can also look up individual names alphabetically in our database after logging in.

If you have information about who served in your Cohort or Group that is not available on our site, you can share it with us by emailing:

Update your data

After you login and go to the database, you can review your profile and update your personal information. If you have forgotten your login information or have other problems while using the database, send a message to: for help and information.

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Search membership directory

If you are Registered Member and after you login, you can search the database to find Volunteers you served with.
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Friends of the Dominican Republic is an affiliate of the National Peace Corps Association (NPCA). NPCA connects and champions Peace Corps community members in “bringing the world back home.”

Current and returned volunteers

Membership in FDR and/or in NPCA (National Peace Corps Association) is free for currently serving volunteers and for returned volunteers for the first year you join. However, you must register.

​For other ways to contribute, see our Make a Gift page.
FDR is a 501(c)(3) organization. 
Your donation is tax deductible.