Opportunities to Become Involved with Friends of the Dominican Republic (FDR)
In addition to FDR’s two grant programs, FDR offers a variety of services for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and staff members who served in the DR. These include a database of former DR Volunteers and PC staff members ; La Voz, a regular electronic newsletter; assistance with Professional Development-Networking for Volunteers leaving the DR at the end of their service; and opportunities to work on several FDR projects such as the Community Challenge Fund; the DR In-Country Committee/Program Support Fund; Third Goal Program; the Communications-Website-Social Media Committee; the History Committee; the Membership Committee; the Growth Committee; and, the Fundraising Committee. For more information about these projects and committees, contact the president@fotdr.org

Friends of the Dominican Republic (FDR) has an agreement with American University (AU) allowing Returned Volunteers from the Dominican Republic to donate your Peace Corps materials to the FDR Section of AU’s Peace Corps Community Archives. American University has been collecting RPCV materials from across the world and you can see many of the materials donated online through the AU Library website. The university library will accept and recognize donations of materials collected during your PC experience in the DR for preservation and access by family, friends and researchers in the future.

FDR has a packet of materials that will explain how the Peace Corps Community Archives was created, what types of materials the library will accept and how to make a donation using a Deed of Gift form included in the packet. The packet will answer most of your questions about what and how to donate to the FDR Section of the Peace Corps Community Archives.

If you have materials that you want to donate, please send an email to president@fotdr.org to receive the donation packet by return email. Several RPCV’s from the DR have already donated material to the archives since the agreement was signed in August of 2015.

Renew Membership
Consider renewing your membership with FDR and supporting our mission and programs. If you are registered, login and go to the "FDR Members" (which will appear on the top of this page once you login). You will be able to make a secure online payment.  If you have not registered, you may do so here.
“We connect our Peace corps community to promote appreciation of and service to the people of the Dominican Republic”

Friends of the Dominican Republic’s (FDR) Grant Programs Help Peace Corps Volunteers in the Dominican Republic (DR) 

Friends of the Dominican Republic (FDR), is a non-profit group made up primarily of former Peace Corps Volunteers who have served in the Dominican Republic. Through two of our primary programs we provide small grants to support projects and programs involving current Peace Corps Volunteers and the Dominican people with whom they work. We do this through two FDR program funds- the Community Challenge Fund and the Program Support Fund- supported with donations from our members and others. Each fund has a different emphasis and they are designed to complement each other. A description of each program can be found under the “Programs” drop down tab above.

Winners of FDR’s History Committee First Annual Short Story Contest

In the September 2017 edition of La Voz we announced the winners of the first annual FDR History Committee’s Short Story Contest. Below are links to the five stories that were submitted in order of their recognition for your reading pleasure:

Best Short Story: Machetazos, Jan Steckel  
First Runner Up: The Night Bridge Saved My Life­ Literally!, Randy Adams 
Second Runner Up: Peace Corps Family, Dory Trimble 
Honorable Mention: Way Back When, Fred Kalhammer 
Honorable Mention: Culture Clash, Tim Fournier 

In an early 2018 issue of La Voz we will be announcing the guidelines for the History Committee's Second Annual Short Story Contest. As a result of comments we received from the authors of the stories above, we will be allowing more words in the second contest. So, please get your stories ready and watch future issues of La Voz for the new guidelines and other contest information and prizes. We look forward to reading the entries in the 2018 contest!

In a strong show of support for the Peace Corps, a record-tying 37 senators have signed a Dear Colleague Letter requesting appropriators to provide the agency with "robust funding" for fiscal year 2018. If you would like to contact your members of Congress and urge them to work with the Appropriations Committee to oppose any cuts to the International Affairs budget, you can go to www.peacecorpsconnect.org.

DR RPCVs and FDR board members Susan Stine and Christopher MacAlpine-Belton meeting with U.S. Representatives and their staff to discuss the strategic value of the sustainable development approach championed by the Peace Corps as well as the particular role that Peace Corps Volunteers play in bridging cross-national divides and promoting American goodwill abroad.

We connect our Peace Corps community to promote appreciation of and service to the people of the Dominican Republic

2016 Annual Report



Friends of the Dominican Republic (FDR) is a non-profit corporation created to continue supporting Peace Corps’ work in the Dominican Republic. We summarize our work quite simply: 


We are a “cyber-based” membership organization of former and current Dominican Republic Peace Corps Volunteers, staff, and supporters. Our members:

  • Raise funds to support the work of current Volunteers in the Dominican Republic, 
  • Advance the Third Goal of Peace Corps by sharing our knowledge of the Dominican Republic with other Americans, and
  • Foster “connectedness” by growing our membership network to provide news and information about Peace Corps DR and encourage participation in and support for our work
Read the full report here.


Make a gift

Please consider aiding development projects in the Dominican Republic.

​For other ways to contribute, see our Make a Gift page.

FDR is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Your donation is tax deductible.



Living in the DR?

If you are living in the DR, we would like to invite you to become involved with FDR through the Dominican Republic Committee. This committee acts as a liaison between FDR and Peace Corps DR and provides management and oversight to the Program Support Fund. If interested in committee work or are just interested in connecting with FDR in the DR, contact Guy Baehr at DRCommittee AT fotdr.org.

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