Volunteer projects funded by the Program Support Fund

1998– 2014

Since 1998, the year the Friends of the Dominican Republic was incorporated, the Program Support Fund (PSF) has directly contributed $43,462.10 to support the work of Peace Corps Volunteers in the Dominican Republic. This figure is exclusive of community infrastructure projects funded by the Community Challenge Fund (CCF). In addition, FDR arranged an in-kind contribution of $15,980 from Typing Master for 2000 licenses to be used in Dominican schools where Peace Corps had created computer rooms and assigned Information Technology Volunteers. PSF also donated $375 for plaques honoring PC staff at the 40th reunion. In total, FDR/PSF has contributed or arranged total contributions of $59,817.10 in its first 16 years of existence.

During 2014, four PSF grants were approved in the amount of $1,902:
  • An eight-week Declaro Mis Derechos course held in Elías Piña on the Haitian-Dominican border, which received $447. The course ended on October 7 with the graduation of six community promoters and four other participants. The course was designed to train local community leaders to help other members of their communities to meet the requirements of the Dominican government’s new stricter immigration laws, especially concerning Haitian and Haitian-descended people living in the DR.
  • A two-day national conference for more than 40 selected graduates of past Declaro Mis Derechos courses. FDR was the main funder for the conference, with a contribution of $1,500. This consisted of $450 from the PSF and $1,050 from the ad hoc Documentation Fund created at the 50th anniversary event held in 2012. The conference, held in Santo Domingo in February 2015, was designed to update participants on recent changes in the government’s programs for “regularizing” the immigration or citizenship status of foreigners or Dominican-born descendants of foreigners, the vast majority of whom are of Haitian descent.
  • Two community library projects, one in Gurabito de Yaroa and one in Hato Viejo. In both cases, the Dominican Committee and PSF are cooperating with FDR’s other main project funder, the Community Challenge Fund (CCF). In this case, CCF has contributed funds to build needed shelves and other improvements and the PSF is contributing funds for the books and other materials that will go on the shelves. For the Hato Viejo library, PSF donated $355 and the CCF is donated $238. For the Gurabito de Yaroa library, PSF donated $650 and CCF donated $268.
During 2013, two PSF grants were approved in the amount of $3,053:
  • PSF partially funded a Declaro Mis Derechos/Saber Es Poder promoter training course in Banica near the Haitian-Dominican border with a grant of $1,553. The objective was to train local community members to assist people in seeking official documentation needed to fully participate in Dominican society. 26 participants from 14 communities attended six successive full and half-day workshops between February 19 and April 16, including visits to the local civil registry office and a judge.
  • Approved $1,500 in funding to allow an October national conference of PC-DR’s long-standing Brigada Verde youth environment program to be held. 29 young leaders from local Brigada Verde groups across the country gathered at the Escuela Ambiental in Jarabacoa for the conference.

    • 2012: $4286.29.  
      • $133 allowed a volunteer to purchase additional RAM for computers in his community computer center.
      • The second grant supported volunteers in the Education sector and was an exception to PSF's normal guidelines of supporting equipment that remains with Peace Corps for all volunteer's use.  This grant of $2,600, approved in 2012 but received the following year, allowed volunteers in separate communities in the DR to purchase computer equipment, materials and supplies for their educational programs, mostly computer labs and language teaching. 
      • Lastly, Declaro mis Derechos, a documentation and human rights project received $1,553.29 for a three-day promotor training which will enable the promoters to assist community members in Bianca/Elias Piña through the process of obtaining legal documentation. 
      2011: $1,753 for technical equipment for the Water and Sanitation sector. The following tools assist volunteers across the country in designing and completing water projects in rural communities:
      • 7 Abney levels ($864)
      • 4 dry boxes and protective inserts for safe storage and transport ($525)
      • 2 Garmin eTrex GPS navigation systems ($340)
      • An accessory power pack for the FPS ($24)

      2010: $1572  Water system design and construction equipment.

      2009: $2,300

      • Adobe InDesign software ($200 from the PSF) that PCVs will use to produce project materials and the famous Gringo Grita publication.
      • Printing of a table top health education visual aid ($2100 from PSF) that will be used country-wide by Dominican health workers. Volunteers will instruct health workers in the use of this practical, illustrated education resource. This training material was developed by PCV Adrienne Gilbert.

      2007 - $500

      • Historical tours of Colonial Zone for Trainees, Volunteers & Staff & Reunion participants

      2006 - $100 pre-paid in 2005

      • Historical tour of Colonial Zone for Trainees, Volunteers & Staff

      2005 - $4,600.00

      • Brigada Verde youth environmental workshops $2,199.00
      • Flood relief following severe hurricanes in Fall 2004 $2,000.00
      • School library books and supplies (earmarked donation) $200.00
      • Historical tours of Colonial Zone for Trainees, Volunteers & Staff $200.00

      2004 - $18,380.23

      • Spanish language educational software for use by Education Sector $868.77
      • In-kind donation of typing software licenses for use by IT Sector $15,980.00
      • Historical Tours of Colonial Zone for Trainees, Volunteers & Staff $200.00
      • Hand-held GPS instrument with batteries and charger for Water/Sanitation Sector $234.47
      • Pipe-threading equipment, also for Water/Sanitation Sector $396.99
      • PCV sponsored Parenting Workshops $700.00

      2003 - $838.51

      • FDR responded to a request to provide six Stop Smoking kits for Volunteers. $630.86
      • Chocolates and cards for PCVs at year-end holiday season. $107.65
      • FDR paid for the first Historical Tour of the Colonial Zone for PCVs & Staff, led by $100.00 a US historian and anthropologist based in Santiago. Now repeated annually. $100.00

      Dec 2003
          We had the full limit of 35 PCVs attend the Colonial Zone Tour with Lynn Guitar and everyone raved about what a good tour it was.  They all felt that she was an excellent guide and they learned a lot they didn't know from the tour. I think it is worth repeating next year if possible. Thank you again to all at FDR who made that possible.
          Paz, Mike McCabe, PTO, PC DR

      2002 - $3,271.07
            At the Reunion celebrating 40 years of continuous PC service to the DR, FDR donated the following items:

      • Laminating machine for posters created by PCVs and used in their “charlas.” $1,814.30
      • A slide scanner to be used for the PC history project undertaken by PCVs. $198.54
      • Books for the PC library. $45.00
      • 27 CD-ROM set covering Appropriate Technology; PageMaker for Gringo Grita newsletter $838.23
      • Plaques of Appreciation for PC/DR staff $375.00

      2000 - $400

      • Buses for Earth Day celebration $400.00
      • FDR received an urgent request from PC/DR for $400 which was needed to contract buses to take Dominican participants to an Earth Day celebration.

      1998 - $500

      • Hurricane Georges emergency relief $500.00
      • Barely six months old, FDR sent $500 to Peace Corps Director Natalie Woodward to be used at her discretion in the immediate aftermath of the disaster.