Thank you for your donation!

Thank you for supporting our mission - supporting the Peace Corps community to promote appreciation of and service to the people of the Dominican Republic. FDR is a lean organization - 95% of expenses have gone to program activities and only 5% have gone to administrative and fundraising expenses. You may target your donation below to the Community Challenge Fund (basic infrastructure projects), Program Support Fund (initiatives, programs and projects not covered by CCF), or the Bob Klustad Water Project Fund. You may also select the General Fund and your donation will go towards the area of greatest need.

You may also renew your Friends of the Dominican Republic membership and your membership to the National Peace Corps Association at the same time. Your nominal FDR membership fee provides us with the resources to cover administrative costs and may also extend to a program need through the Program Support Fund. 

Your contributions in action:

​Community members working together to build latrines.

Volunteer and community members with new latrine. 

The old open pit latrine.