4 Million People Die a Year from Indoor Cooking Smoke
According to the World Health Organization, 4 million people die a year from indoor cooking smoke. In this article,  a professor at the University of California Berkeley states that having an indoor cooking fire is like burning 400 cigarettes an hour. Read the WHO briefing.  
What I wished Americans knew about the Dominican Republic
During Peace Corps Week 2014, two-minute or less videos were submitted in a contest to answer this questions: "What do you wish Americans knew about your Peace Corps country?" This video was submitted by Ryan Browning.


Colonial capital gets face lift
Santo Domingo gets a face lift to attract tourists, Christian Science Monitor article
Haitian Documentation
When the Dominican Republic's Constitutional Court issued a surprise decision in September denying citizenship rights ...
Former DR Medical Officer makes donation
Former Peace Corps Medical Officer (1963-65) in the Dominican Republic, Dr. Robert J. Bielen, donated his collection of personal papers and memorabilia regarding the Dominican Crisis of 1965 and Peace Corps activities to the Robert B. Russel Library housed at the University of Georgia. 
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RPCV leads trip to DR

Our own Janice Jorgenson led NPCA's trip to the Dominican Republic. Read about their experience.  
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B.J (Roberta) Warren

There will be a memorial service at All Souls Episcopal Church in Washington, D.C. on May 10, 2014, at 1 pm. 202.232.4244

We are saddened to say farewell to BJ (Roberta) Warren. She passed away on March 28, 2014.

B.J joined the Peace Corps staff in the Dominican Republic in its earliest days. By late 1964 when she arrived to Santo Domingo, B.J. already was a stand out, known as the first woman former PCV (Peru IV) to be hired onto the PC/Latin America staff as an Associate Peace Corps Director for the Health and Education and Community Development programs. Just a few months later the Revolution of 1965 began, and B.J. became an icon in her blue jeep, supporting volunteers throughout Santo Domingo and fighting to keep Peace Corps in the country although other U.S. agencies had already left.
For the following almost 50 years, B.J. has nurtured her ties to the D.R., becoming one of the founders of Fondo Quisqueya in 1984 and serving as its president for several years as well as an ongoing member of its board. She had also been an active member of Friends of the Dominican Republic, famous for keeping a Rolodex that connected former volunteers & families, PC staff, and Dominicans with development projects within the country.

In 2012, during the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic, then Peace Corps Director, and former DR PCV, Aaron Williams honored B.J with letters of tribute from two of the earliest directors of Peace Corps/Latin America (Frank Mankiewicz and Jack Vaughn), a plaque, and a fine piece of Taino art (photo above). Senator Christopher Dodd, also a former DR PCV, added his own words of commendation. It was also announced that Fondo Quisqueya named their endowment after B.J. This endowment supports scholarships for short-term, skill-training programs for low-income Dominicans aimed at helping them find jobs. 

B.J continued her international development work by joining MSI Worldwide full-time in 1989 and had been actively involved with projects in Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and El Salvador, to name a few. 

History of Peace Corps in the DR

Here are some resources to learn about Peace Corps's history in the Dominican Republic. 

Watch a video of B.J Warren retelling her experiences with the Peace Corps as the first female Peace Corps volunteer to work on the overseas staff in the Dominican Republic. During the revolution of the mid 1960s, she was a prominent figure in keeping the program and volunteers in country, while maintaining their safety.

​During the 50th Anniversary celebration in the Dominican Republic in 2012, El Caribe, a local newspaper, highlighted Peace Corps' history in the country in three brief articles:
"Volunteers Play Neutral Role in Dominican Republic Strife".

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If you are living in the DR, we would like to invite you to become involved with FDR through the Dominican Republic Committee. This committee acts as a liaison between FDR and Peace Corps DR and provides management and oversight to the Program Support Fund. If interested in committee work or are just interested in connecting with FDR in the DR, contact Guy Baehr at DRCommittee AT

Peace Corps Invitee

​Have you been invited to serve in the Dominican Republic as a Peace Corps Volunteer? If you would like to be matched with a mentor to gain insight into the adventure that awaits you, FDR can help.

Declaro mis Derechos

Declaro Mis Derechos (I Declare My Rights) is a network of Peace Corps volunteers and community counterparts working together to register undocumented children born in the Dominican Republic, so that all residents or Hispaniola can exercise their right to a name, a nationality, an education, and a brighter future.

FDR is proud to have supported their training in Banica through its Program Support Fund. Check out their Facebook page to learn more about this important work. And thank you for supporting Friends of the Dominican Republic. Your donations are put to good use.